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Established in 1984, the Adorno Fathers’ St. Francis Caracciolo Mission provides health, educational, and spiritual services to 80,000 people. Located in Nyamilima near the border of Rwanda, this is one of the poorest parts of Africa and has been the site of natural disaster, disease and ongoing tribal warfare.

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Our Works

The Nutritional Center

Many have recovered in our hospital with proper care, but there are many malnourished children throughout the territory of our mission, who are unable to reach the hospital. Due to the gravity of this situation, our mission gave birth to a new project, the construction of a Nutritional Center.

Our Mission Volunteer Organization is at present dedicated to the realization of this work. Nevertheless, everything is necessary for the operation itself (personnel, equipment) along with the actual gathering up of the many malnourished children in our mission.

We appeal to the hearts of those who do not want to hear about a child starving to death. With $100 dollars a month for three months, you will be able to contribute towards the necessary recovery of a gravely malnourished child.

Long Distance Adoption

By means of long distance adoptions from our missions, you will allow poor children to smile by assuring them those things which are necessary for their growth. While the children will remain in their own environment, they will discover that in the world there are not only those who wage war, but there are persons who dedicate themselves to the task of sowing seeds of goodness and love. An adopted child will be happy to find someone, like you, who will love him from afar, keep his picture and cherish the story of his life.

The missionaries are the means of this bond of love; they will send each year a photograph of the child with essential information regarding his health and education.

Full Adoption Program: One Dollar a day (which may be given periodically or annually) will assure a child everything which is necessary for his growth (food, clothing, education, medical care, training work).

Scholastic Adoptions: One Hundred Dollars a year assures a child the tuition (since education is not financed by the government) of everything that is necessary for his studies for an entire year.

Seminary Formation

Seminaries are places of formation for those preparing to proclaim the love of God to the world.

There are over 100 young men preparing to consecrate their lives and use their talents so as to further the message of the Gospel. They will dedicate themselves to help those who do not have a voice and are denied of their basic fundamental rights (work, food, medical attention, education, etc.).

How can you help us?

Support our Work

An offering to support the work of the Adorno Fathers Missionaries and all the needs of our missions ($35.00 per month)

Adoption of a child

Adoption of a child for one year ($365 per year).

Tuition Fee

Tuition for a child for one year ($100.00).

Recovery of a Child

Recovery of a malnourished child ($100.00 a month for three months).

Nutritional Center

Nourishment for a host child of our Nutritional Center ($25.00 a month).

Support a Seminarian

Complete tuition for the support of a seminarian ($775 per year).

St. Francis Caracciolo Mission was established on February 26, 1984 for the love of the poorest in places we serve Africa. Our mission exists through divine providence and the generosity of people.

Please make checks payable to Adorno Fathers with a memo for African Missions and send to the address below or drop the check to a parish served by the Adornos.



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